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YPO Americas is the world’s largest leadership community of chief executives—over 30,000 extraordinary global members coming together to become better leaders and better people.

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What this partnership means.

YPO Americas, its chapters, member organizations, and their families have access to GMA's full suite of speaker coordination services, which offer access to hundreds of business and thought leaders, best-selling authors, and entertainers. In addition, as a literary and talent agency, GMA welcomes discussions with members and their families interested in publishing books or expanding their reach.

Pricing transparency
and the Select Speaker Program.

GMA seeks to improve pricing transparency across chapters. As more speakers are secured through GMA, chapters will have access to what other chapters are paying for the same speaker. In addition, by routing speaking services through GMA, not only can they provide this transparency, they can also deliver on preferential pricing by aggregating YPO America’s purchasing power. GMA has already coordinated preferred pricing on several leading speakers, which will continue to expand over time. A selection of thought leaders and best-selling authors who have agreed to provide YPO Americas pricing at steep discounts currently includes: 

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Events In-A-Box.

GMA strives to design both stand-alone and themed events as an idea board for inspiration. ALOs will be able to tap into dozens of new and highly rated event concepts for planning out their annual calendars. This Event In-A-Box tool will not only streamline parts of the planning process but should make the process of securing new ALOs even easier.And for chapters that don’t have ALOs, GMA’s Events In-A-Box program can offer chapters a themed collection of events to choose from and customize to meet chapter needs. Lastly, events should not be limited to a single daytime or nighttime function. Finding ways to enhance engagement with speakers by incorporating spouses or the local community when a speaker is flown to a market is an ongoing way for YPO Americas to give back.

Other partnership benefits

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Centralized Knowledge and Speaker Insights

As LOs change from year to year, maintaining speaker and venue rankings can be tough. GMA is delighted to partner in this regard to aggregate speaker ratings and feedback. And as one chapter works to secure a desired speaker, reaching out to other LOs in the area to piggyback on the appearance is a superb way to share costs and leverage chapter funds.

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LEADwell Business Series Events

GMA will coordinate and deliver four YPO Americas-approved, complimentary speakers between November 2022 and June 2023 for virtual events for members in the YPO Americas region utilizing the LEADwell platform.

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Backup Booking

Usually, events progress without a hitch. But when a speaker becomes ill and needs to cancel, GMA will work with chapters and speakers to create a collection of immediately available replacements. And for events needing a facilitator or panel moderator, we have a broad variety available.

Next-Tier Savings for YPO Americas

Additionally, books are a great way to memorialize an event and give members a tangible takeaway. Through the partnership, YPO Americas, its chapters, and members will receive “next tier” pricing on all book orders at bookpal.com.

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