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We’re authors. We’re artists. We’re visionaries. 

At GMA, it is our passion and expertise to amplify your voice as a visionary creator. Our clients are looking for more than a traditional talent agency; they’re looking for a partner to help them brainstorm, strategize and execute. 

For thought leaders, GMA helps visionary creators, authors, keynote speakers, and entertainers such as yourself bring ideas to life through published works and transformative experiences. 

GMA also thrives by connecting inspired and driven organizations to engage with today’s most extraordinary talents. If you’re searching for a curated collection of keynote speakers, authors, entertainers, or storytellers, you’re in the right place.

We’re ready to put pen to paper, so come on in, sit next to the fire, grab a cup of tea (or other cozy beverage), and let's get to work.

Tony Di Costanzo

Tony (Gray) Di Costanzo

Two themes have defined Tony DiCostanzo's life as a person and business owner: curiosity and growth. Growing up in Alaska, books fueled Tony's curiosity as a child. In business, Tony's passion for continuous growth resulted in becoming the founder of several successful companies, including BookPal, where he currently serves as president. The BookPal mission is centered around the idea that books can transform people and organizations to become their absolute best. BookPal is the leading e-commerce provider of books to Fortune 500 companies, school districts, nonprofits, government entities, and other organizations seeking ideas for learning and growth.

Scott Jeffery Miller

Scott Jeffrey Miller

Capping a 25-year career as a chief marketing officer and executive vice president of business development, Scott Jeffrey Miller currently serves as FranklinCovey's senior advisor on thought leadership. As a senior advisor, Scott leads the strategy and development of the firm's Speakers Bureau and the production of podcasts, webcasts, and best-selling books. Scott also hosts On Leadership with Scott Miller, the world's largest and fastest-growing leadership podcast, with a reach of more than six million listeners weekly. Scott also authors a leadership column for Inc.com and is the best-selling author of the Mess to Success book series.

60 Years of Industry Experience

GMA collectively has over six decades of experience in the industry. We bring our deep business connections, networks, and relationships to provide unprecedented access to our clients.

From The Client To The C-Suite

Tony and Scott (the founders) have dedicated their careers to the C-suite of public and private companies. GMA has mastered the systems necessary to create platforms and experiences that consistently exceed client expectations.

Continuous Learning and Self-Disruption

The principal founders of GMA dedicated their mutual careers to the C-suite of public and private companies having mastered the systems necessary to create platforms and experiences for their clients that always exceed expectations.

Shared Values

GMA operates on a simple set of shared values. We believe in transparency, vulnerability, relentless passion, continuous learning, and laughter. We also constantly strive to overdeliver to all of our clients.

Literary Success

The founders of GMA are both best-selling and award-winning authors, successful entrepreneurs, and renowned keynote speakers who still believe in living balanced lives. Tony and Scott have led teams that have collectively written, published, and sold over 100 million books for authors they collaborate with and represent.

Unprecedented Collection

Since launching, GMA has been the fastest-growing agency to combine speaking, literary talent, entertainment personalities, and book distribution into a full-service company.