Our Partnership
with BookPal

What better way to support authors and events than to make it possible to seamlessly order books for training, speaking and gifts? The amazing team at BookPal not only ensures books arrive wherever and whenever needed, they share our passion for connecting the right ideas to people and organizations to inspire them to become their best.

Shipping box full of books from BookPal.

For Authors

Our partnership with BookPal provides authors like you a seamless model to distribute more books at a lower cost and ensure those sales count. Most agencies will help an author land a speaking event—and that’s it. With GMA and BookPal in your corner, we’ll not only help you get the speaking event, but we will also promote your book to clients and provide them with an easy solution to get your book into more hands. Whether books are needed at an event location or distributed to individual recipients, BookPal offers complete solutions.

For Events

BookPal also has a large catalog of current and past titles to connect you to ideas that inspire new thinking and creativity. So if you’re putting on an event, you can get the titles you need in bulk at a price that won’t break the bank.

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Other partnership benefits

Get answers fast.

Our team responds to all business-hour inquires within one to four hours. We are so committed to our customers, we maintain twice the number of account managers as our nearest competitor.


Get ready to be a satisfied customer.

Last year, less than 0.5% of our customers returned books due to quality issues. We are so confident your books will be new, we guarantee it.

Three Stars

Delivery, on time.

Our clients need books for events, training, and classes. Books are essential components of these functions, which is why we get them there on time, every time.

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