Jenn Drummond
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Jenn Drummond

In pursuit of becoming the first woman to climb the Seven Second Summits. Motivational Speaker and Story Teller. Outdoor Advocate, Athlete, and Author. Executive Hiking Experiences. Community Builder. Podcaster.

Jenn Drummond is an American motivational speaker, mountaineer, adventurer and founder of Bold Brave Beautiful — a blog and community where she invites people to become more conscious of their life purpose and take action toward achieving what seems impossible. Jenn is setting out to become the first woman to complete all of the Second Seven Summits, with one already under belt. As a Michigan-bred Park City transplant, Jenn is a self-proclaimed goal getter extraordinaire, and mom of seven. An athlete as a child, Jenn spent her childhood playing every sport possible and coaching her younger siblings' teams, helping her to cultivate a sense of loving the work while having breathless and high-fiving fun. In high school, she became a foreign exchange student in Sweden her junior year which planted the seeds for an expanded worldview. In college, she played NCAA soccer for Southern Methodist University, but ultimately pivoted to finishing college at Hope College in three years while waiting tables. In 2018, Jen was in a major car crash where she was hit by a semi-truck and her car rolled 3 times into the median. Surviving what should have been a fatal car crash and literally walking away from the accident, ignited a renewed sense of purpose to make the absolute most of every minute in her life. Up until this point, Jenn had a successful finance company and lived in the belief that money could help solve all her problems. It was following this traumatic event and a healing Ayahuasca experience that taught her how to unwind, and discover what's truly important. Her life call was the mountains. Jenn finds her Zen on the mountains. She's climbed Grand Teton (13,776 feet), Cotopaxi (19,347 feet), Ama Dablam (22,349 feet) and most recently as part of her Seven Second Summits journey, Ojos Del Salado (22,549 feet) and Mt. Kenya (17.057 feet) Jenn sets her sights high with an urgency to experience and challenge herself as much as possible while simultaneously not taking herself too seriously and eagerly learning any lesson she can along the way. She eats up suggestions for progress and, as a friend, will pull you along for the journey while pushing you to discover your own progress, too. She's grounded in the idea that we all benefit from each soul pursuing what's possible in life.

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